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Reticulated Polyether Foam (aka PPI Foam) is ideal for filtration in ponds and aquariums as it is chemically stable under water. This type of foam filtration is the life support of the pond or tank leading to healthy fish. It is commonly known as aquatic foam filters or pond foam filters or filtration foam.
    Features include:
  • Protecting the pump from debris
  • Breaking down dissolved fish bio-waste
  • Reducing nutrients that promote algae growth
  • Aiding entrapment of smaller suspended particulates
Reticulated Polyether foam is very resilient to water (including salt water), humidity, soap, oils and lubricants. It can swell in the presence of organic solvents (depending on type and concentration). It can also be used as a bacteria carrier in biotechnological water purification applications improving the active surface & efficiency of the bioreactor.

Reticulated aquatic filter foam sheet

Filtration foam for clean water and healthy fish for ponds and aquariums.
For more information please see the Aquatic filter page.
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