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STPE200 Ethafoam

Semi rigid packaging foam


STPE200 is a medium density non cross linked expanded polyethylene foam plank/sheet sometimes sold under the trade names Stratocell, Jiffy or Ethafoam. This is a very versatile foam that is light weight and flexible, clean and non abrasive. It provides excellent cushioned protection against persistent shocks in a large variety of packaging applications. It's the preferred foam for computer and monitor packaging and many other sensitive items including historic and priceless objects. Examples of Ethafoam
  • Shock and vibration absorbing
  • Excellent strength
  • Impervious to mildew, rot and bacteria
  • Resilient and lightweight
  • Wear and tear resistant
  • Water resistant
For full specifications and technical information please click here.

This grade of non cross linked Polyethylene foam is not fire retardant; if you need fire retardant please contact us.

We supply Ethafoam in sheets of 2 x 1.2 metres and 1 x 1.2 metres in various thicknesses in white. However we can supply other colours and thicknesses on request. Please contact our customer support for further details. STPE200 Ethafoam is also available in an antistatic grade.
We also supply Ethafoam cut to size.

Product Specification - STPE200 Ethafoam

DensityDIN 5342024 Kg/m³
Tensile strength: extrusion directionDIN 535710.219N/mm²
Tensile strength: cross directionDIN 535710.170N/mm²
Elongation at break: extrusion directionDIN 5357167%
Elongation at break: cross directionDIN 5357152%
Compression strength 25% (4th compression)DIN 535770.024N/mm²
Compression strength 50% (4th compression)DIN 535770.081N/mm²
Compression strength 70% (4th compression)DIN 535770.200N/mm²
Thermal stability (24 hours at 70ºC)ASTM D-3575-S<0.5%
Cell sizeBS 4443/1 Met.4>20Cells/25mm
Water absorption after 24 hoursDIN 534281.19Vol %
Working temperature rangeInternal-30 to +80ºC

This information on STPE200 medium density non cross linked expanded polyethylene foam is presented to the best of our knowledge.
Simply Foam Products Ltd reserves the right to update product data information without prior notice.

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Ethafoam STPE200 - Semi rigid packaging sheet

White or grey medium density non cross linked expanded polyethylene foam sheet.

 Please choose the sheet size:
100cm x 120cm  (39.3in x 47.2in) white
200cm x 120cm  (78.7in x 47.2in) white
100cm x 120cm  (39.3in x 47.2in) grey
200cm x 120cm  (78.7in x 47.2in) grey
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Ethafoam STPE200 sheets

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