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Sonic Acoustics - Professional Range
Made in the UK to exacting British standards and compliant with UL94 HF1 Classification, Sonic Acoustics Professional foam improves the acoustics of any listening and recording environment and can make a significant positive impact in your listing environment. It also lowers the overall noise levels in a variety of commercial settings.
It helps eliminate sound reflections, reverb and flutter echo in the mid to high frequency region.

Can be installed on walls and ceilings and problematic areas.
Can be installed using our spray adhesive.
      In summary, Sonic Acoustics foam is great for:
  • Acoustic ceiling tiles
  • Churches / place of worship
  • Gymnasiums / multipurpose / meeting halls
  • Home theatres
  • Industrial / OEM acoustics
  • Office / conference rooms
  • Restaurants / lounges
  • Recording/music studios
  • Improves the acoustics of your room simply and affordably
  • Helps reduce standing waves, room echo, excess reflections and reverberation
  • Designed for mid/high frequency range
  • Modular tile system
  • Simple installation
  • High density acoustic foam cell structure
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Sonic Pyramid tiles
Sonic Pyramid tiles
Sonic Wedge tiles
Sonic Wedge tiles
Sonic Flat tiles
Sonic Flat tiles
Sonic Bass Trap
Sonic Bass Trap
These Bass Traps are highly effective in reducing low frequency reverberation.
Sonic Bass Trap kit 300mm
Sonic Bass Trap kit 300mm
Contains three bass traps (see above) and one 300mm bass trap corner fill cube.

The more you buy the more you save!

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