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Example of packaging foam High impact light weight packaging grade foam. Available in foam sheets (pre-cut or cut to size). Charcoal grey in colour. Suitable for all kinds of protective packaging applications, e.g. flight cases, briefcases, cardboard boxes. It's no secret that packaging foam is one of the best materials for protecting shipped goods in cardboard boxes. We sell a variety of packaging foam. Please see our products below and what they are typically used for.
Please note: This foam is not fire retardant therefore is not suitable for upholstery.
Our foam packaging products include: Pre Cubed foam that allows you to easily modify the foam to fit your equipment.
In addition we supply and cut closed cell rigid polyethylene foam to size which is also suitable for packaging.

Finally we now sell foam wrap rolls to simply wrap around your delicate items.
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Packaging foam sheets

Packaging foam flat sheet

Light weight, high impact packaging grade foam for all protective packaging applications, such as briefcases, equipment cases, shipping boxes etc. Colour: charcoal grey.
Note: Not fire retardant and therefore not suitable for upholstery.
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Packaging foam convoluted sheet

Light weight, high impact packaging grade foam in convoluted (egg-crate) style. For all protective packaging applications, such as briefcases, equipment cases, shipping boxes etc. Colour: charcoal grey. Note: Not fire retardant therefore not suitable for upholstery.
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Why use foam packaging?

When you think of foam, you may think of upholstery foam. However, foam is far broader in products and more versatile than that. Much of it has a shock absorbency that can protect products as they ship to customers or items you want to keep safe and secure. It can suspend items such as radios, cd players, televisions, laptops, deep fat fryers and other appliances such as refrigerators. This means you can use it to pack a product in a box, and the foam will hold it in place for transportation. Whatever you send will arrive in the same condition as it left.

If you're the owner of a thriving shop or even an expanding factory, then foam packaging is probably of great interest to you for shipping purposes.

You'll be happy to know that we offer trade prices, so if you buy in bulk or become a regular customer, you may qualify for a discount.

The world is becoming ever smaller, with the entire world having access to websites. Whereas in the past, only people who walked past your store or shop might know about you, now you can reach the furthest corners of the planet to make sales.

Manufacturers can set themselves up anywhere in the world based on advantageous tax, transportation links or anything else that provides a commercial benefit, and use couriers to ship their products to customers, distributors and resellers.

There's a huge need to use packaging foam to keep products and items safe as they travel from one country to another. Without taking the time and care to install packaging foam, things may get damaged and need to be written off as a company loss.

Foam packaging can keep your products still and protected

There's no doubt that foam packaging is responsible for holding items in place, but it's something that it's very capable of doing. Fortunately, our foam packaging can also protect your goods from water and sunshine – giving it another layer of security.

Here's what you can expect when you use our foam packaging to protect your goods:

Suspension – you can use foam packaging to keep your products away from the box edges by suspending them. Then if there are any knocks and bangs, you know that your products are safe and sound.

Protect against damage – no business wants to lose goods in the shipping process. The result could mean unhappy customers and monetary loss as replacements and refunds will be required.

Cushioning – protect against the bumps and jolts of travel.

Deliver a great brand experience – you've taken the time and trouble to protect against damage. The customer is impressed by your attention to detail and concern about their happiness.

Overall, packaging foam offers an affordable way to take care of your goods!

Easyfoam, the experts in packaging foam solutions

Which packaging foams are available?

There are many different kinds of packaging foam, each with its unique features and benefits.

Polyurethane (PU) - This is a soft but protective open-cell foam that is typically used to absorb shock. It will spring back to its shape after any impact. It typically comes in the form of 'egg crates' and is great for padding out packages. This foam is typically used to give lightweight, fragile products the protection they need. It can help to stop any dents and scratches and doesn't have much of an odour. Polyurethane works well for shipping foods and other products that are moisture sensitive.

Polyethylene (PE) - A foam that is closed cell and therefore more rigid and denser. As it is moisture and water-resistant, it's suitable for packaging anything that must stay dry. Perfect for any items that need that extra bit of protection again vibration, climates or shock.

Anti-Static - Many of our customers who sell electronic products love anti-static packaging foam. It gives cushioning, but no electrical charge can build up on it. Anti-static packaging foam is also Fire Retardant.

Convoluted Foam - Another name for the egg crate or egg profile foam, the convoluted packaging foam gives excellent shock absorbency.

In summary, packaging foam is well worth the investment to keep your products safe as they travel to their endpoint. It also shows the recipients how much you care too.

To discuss your foam packaging needs, get in touch with our packaging foam experts today. If you need any advice or guidance, we're happy to help.