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Foam Products

Zotefoam Plastazote® superior closed cell foam

Chemically inert closed cell foam with nitrogen

Plastazote is a nitrogen blown, closed cell polyethylene foam which is tough and flexible. The cells have regular shapes, and polyethylene walls. If the foam is compressed, each nitrogen filled cell acts as a balloon, causing the foam to spring back to its original shape.
    Applications include: Zotefoam plastazote
  • Archival and museum storage
  • Insulation
  • Presentation boxes
  • Tool storage
  • Tool trays
  • Can be washed, disinfected and wiped clean.
  • Durable, tough and flexible, recovers repeatedly from impacts.
  • Excellent chemical resistance to most oils, solvents, acids & alkalis.
  • Is easily shaped, cut and bonded to other materials.
  • Non-toxic, odourless, buoyant and non-absorbent.
  • Very good thermal insulator.
  • Weatherproof with good ultraviolet stability.
For specifications please click on LD33 and LD45.

Note: Plastazote is not fire retardant, if you need a fire retardant option please contact us.

Supplied in sheets of 2 x 1 metre and 1 x 1 metre in various thicknesses. Colours: Black, white, blue, red and yellow.

PLASTAZOTE® is a registered trademark of Zotefoams plc.
For a lower cost option, please see EFP30 Closed Cell foam.
Note: Colours may differ to that shown on screen due to natural variability in the foam and screen limitations.

Plastazote® LD33 superior closed cell sheet

Cross-linked closed cell foam, which has been nitrogen expanded. Non-absorbent and waterproof. Optional self-adhesive backing. More information on the Plastazote page.
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