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EasyFoam - Zotefoam Plastazote® Superior Closed Cell Foam Supplier

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Plastazote is a nitrogen blown, closed cell polyethylene foam which is tough and flexible. The cells have regular shapes, and polyethylene walls. If the foam is compressed, each nitrogen filled cell acts as a balloon, causing the foam to spring back to its original shape.
    Applications include: Zotefoam plastazote
  • Archival and museum storage
  • Insulation
  • Presentation boxes
  • Tool storage
  • Tool trays
  • Can be washed, disinfected and wiped clean.
  • Durable, tough and flexible, recovers repeatedly from impacts.
  • Excellent chemical resistance to most oils, solvents, acids & alkalis.
  • Is easily shaped, cut and bonded to other materials.
  • Non-toxic, odourless, buoyant and non-absorbent.
  • Very good thermal insulator.
  • Weatherproof with good ultraviolet stability.
For specifications please click on LD33 and LD45.

Note: Plastazote is not fire retardant, if you need a fire retardant option please contact us.

Supplied in sheets of 2 x 1 metre and 1 x 1 metre in various thicknesses. Colours: Black, White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink and Grey.

PLASTAZOTE® is a registered trademark of Zotefoams plc.
For a lower cost option, please see EFP30 Closed Cell foam.
Note: Colours may differ to that shown on screen due to natural variability in the foam and screen limitations.

Plastazote® LD33 superior closed cell sheet

Cross-linked closed cell foam, which has been nitrogen expanded. Non-absorbent and waterproof. Optional self-adhesive backing. More information on the Plastazote page.
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What is Plastazote Foam?

Plastazote foam is a step up from polyethylene foam which is one of the most useful and versatile foams available. At Easy Foam we sell Zotefoam Plastzote – a high quality and highly applicable foam. Zotefoams are known for the quality of their foam products.

Plastazote starts out as polyethylene and then is injected with nitrogen. This makes it lighter, more shock absorbent and able to spring back in addition to water resistant. What makes plastazote foam so versatile is that it’s easy to cut and shape in addition to bonding to materials such as wood, metal, fabric or even itself.

Here is a list of other benefits of plastzote

  • Odourless
  • Water resistant
  • Buoyant
  • Lightweight
  • Non toxic
  • Wipeable
  • Washable
  • Weatherproof
  • Resistant to UV rays
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Resilient and durable
  • Tough and flexible
  • Thermal insulator
  • Noise insulator

How is plastazote foam used?

You’ve probably seen plastazote in use all over the place, but you may not have consciously recognised it. However, you’ll often find plastzote in the form of tool box trays, cosplay, pool noodles, pool toys/floats and waterslide mats.

Another place you’ll see it in operation is in the sports arena. Gym and yoga mats are ideal applications as they can be wiped clean and can absorb shock. Another location that it’s used a lot is in the medical field where it can be cut and moulded for use as mobility equipment, splints and collars.

It’s also used in many other industries such as the marine industry, automotive, construction, film, education and so many more. It’s such a versatile foam product that what it can be used for is limitless!

If you would like to discuss your requirements for Plastazote foam with our customer services team, please feel free to contact us.

Plastazote Infographic
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