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EasyFoam - Spray Adhesive & Silicone Spray Supplier

Buy general purpose heavy duty spray adhesive and powerful multi-purpose silicone lubricant spray online

Spray foam adhesive can

Easy to use - Holds fast - Multi purpose
An Exceptionally powerful adhesive, is a revolutionary blend of high quality adhesives, conveniently packaged for a wide range of applications including foam, wood, plastic, cork, rubber, fabric, card and paper to each other or to brickwork, concrete, stone and plaster. It can be used in industry, homes, vehicles, trains, boats, aeroplanes, clothing and upholstery shops and manufacturers. In fact anywhere a fast setting glue is required.
Easy to use - Holds fast - Multi purpose

Silicone spray can

High performance - Multi purpose - Easy to use
High Performance Professional Silicone Spray Lubricant, Waterproof Multi-Purpose. Exceptionally powerful silicone spray, quick, clean and convenient to use. Suitable for thousands of applications at home or commercially. Applications include: Lubricant for hinges, doors and locks etc, treadmills, machinery, upholstery, textiles, friction and heat reduction in cutting & drilling, sewing machines, woodwork, fishing equipment, furniture manufacturing, mould release in injection moulding, waterproofing clothing and much more. Colourless & Concentrated. 500ml.
High performance - Multi purpose - Easy to use

500ml e, CFC free