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Seating Foam for Sofa, Dining Chair, Campervan etc.

This is just a note to tell you about our seating foam for cushion choices. Not everybody knows which one they should choose, so we are here to give you some support.

We've put together a few things you should know to make it easier to decide which seating foam is the best one for your project.

With EasyFoam, it's easy to order the right seating foam. You just need to enter the dimensions of what you need on our cut to size foam page, then select the foam you want and we will get it over to you using our speedy delivery service.

When you head over to our foam cut to size page, you can see the shapes we offer. However, it doesn't end there as you can have any shape and size you want. On the page, just enter the size of the foam you need in the allocated spaces. Press the preview button, and you can check that what you're ordering matches your expectation.

We recommend you request Dacron and Stockinette with your order, or at least if you're ordering the foam to replace sofa cushions. If you're working on a dining chair cushion replacement project, it will depend if you'll be putting your foam into a cushion cover or if it's more of a stapled fabric occasion.

Best Dining Chair Seating Foam - When selecting the proper seating foam for your dining chairs, you'll need to consider how thick you want your foam to be. We recommend that you opt for seat pads that are very high density if you have a seat pad less than 1" thick. You'll need it to be comfy. For seat pads between 2" and 4" in thickness, you might want to choose our High (firm) density foam.

Best Foam For Sofa Seat Cushions - Select from a range of high-quality sofa foams for your sofa. We recommend that you go with high density polyurethane foam for sofa cushions, depending on the thickness you require of course.

Best Outdoor Seating Foam - For outdoor furniture, you may have to buy seating foam for a pallet sofa. You could opt for a 4" foam or go with a closed-cell polyethylene foam so that you don't have to put them away if it rains.

Best Seating Foam For Boats - Just as you might opt for outdoor seats, the foam for seat boating that we recommend is the closed-cell foam as it won't take in water.

Best Campervan Seat Foam - In a campervan, you should order a foam suited to both sitting on and sleeping on. For this, we recommend the 4" thick high firm foam or a combination of high-density foam with a memory foam topper for ultimate comfort.

If you're none the wiser after reading this, don’t worry, please get in touch with our specialist foam team, and we will put you on the right track.

Seating Foam Infographic