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Foam and Campervans: A Classic Combination

Who doesn’t love a camper van holiday? It’s an adventure on the road and one that can take us to many different places. Forget expensive hotels and restrictions on when you can return at night; camper vans are the perfect home away from home. Many people are now also turning to the carefree and mobile lifestyle of camper vans as a permanent home.

But what about being comfortable? How can you keep your motorhome comfy to live in as well as warm and free from draughts? Well, you'll be pleased to know that foam plays a vital role here - in every aspect of your camper van.

Campervan upholstery

The sofa is somewhere you will be a lot, and a comfortable foam padding is often the comfiest choice for a campervan. There is a vast range of upholstery foam densities available whether you prefer a softer/springier seat cushion or a firm/rigid one, while also remaining easy to maintain and exceptionally quick to upholster. In addition to the wide varieties of foam grades, upholstery foam seat pads can also be cut to shape and size for your convenience.

If your sofa area doubles up as a bed, this is an excellent opportunity to use memory foam for better support. However, standard foam remains just as comfortable to sleep on and provides a very cosy feeling that will leave you drifting straight off to sleep after a day of driving and adventuring.

Campervan bedding

Usually, memory foam is the top choice here. A memory foam mattress in the sleeping quarters of your camper keeps you comfortable on the road while also providing your body with excellent support. This is great if you are an active hiker or enjoy extreme sports as it supports the joints and muscles expertly. You can also upholster it in any way you like and perhaps pick up matching memory foam pillows for additional neck and shoulder support while you sleep. It’s certainly worth trying and might even stop any aches and pains you have when you wake up.

Campervan Insulation

The best way to insulate your van with foam is by using a Closed-Cell polyethylene foam. You will want to use Closed Cell foam for the walls. This can be secured in place with an adhesive or a series of screws and a power drill. Of course, campers have a lot of cracks and grooves, so you will need to fill in any gaps first. Closed Cell foam is perfect for insulation and will really give you the seal you need to retain heat and stop draughts.

To conclude, whether it’s the bed, the couch, or the walls, foam is an essential part of any camper van. It is comfortable, easy to maintain, and fantastic at trapping the heat in your motorhome so that you stay warm during those long winter trips. With so many choices on what to use, all it takes is a little research and a little help from us.

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