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Custom Foam Seats for Kids & Children

There is a huge range of children’s products available to parents, and its often difficult to know where to start. From baby basics to innovative new takes on products with all the mod-cons, it’s also easy to forget the two most fundamental aspects of such items – comfort and safety. Unusual designs and unique materials are often only an added bonus.

A cult product among parents is the trusty Bumbo baby seat, designed to train babies to sit upright and keep them in position. Made from solid plastic, they are a brilliant option for encouraging very young children to be more confident when unsupported. However, despite their high acclaim, some parents do raise concerns around the materials used. The product needs to be sturdy enough to hold a baby in place, but a common discussion is whether different materials could be used in place of the hard material. Naturally, some parents will be concerned about the risk of using hard plastic, and query whether the seat itself is comfortable enough.

Essentially there are two options to address this issue. The first is ordering several cut to size foam components that can soften the impact of hard plastic, particularly on a baby’s back. Using our foam cut to size tool, the dimensions for the inner seat can be entered if you are after a particular piece. For example, you may only want a relatively thin backrest support made from medium-density polyurethane foam or memory foam. Alternatively, if you’d like to line the entire seat with various elements, it may be worth investigating our range of foam sheets. From here on, you can trace and cut the relevant piece(s) to size, having ordered the foam sheet in your preferred foam type, density and thickness.

If you would like an alternative support seat solution for your child, you may also consider designing your own and ordering this custom made from Easyfoam. Doing so is not as expensive as first assumed, and by ordering with us, the quality of the foam is also guaranteed. If you are unsure on the dimensions you require, we recommend using the approximate measurements of the Bumbo seat and sketching out your preferred design on paper. By sending this to us, we can then advise on the best material and density. Alternatively, we may also recommend ordering your foam in separate components and assembling this as desired (using specialist glues, etc.).

The perk of designing your own baby seating solution is that you have the freedom to customise as you desire. Although some individuals do create custom fabric coverings for seats such as the Bumbo, the choice is often limited, and such designs come at a price. Furthermore, when ordering your own custom foam seat, you can ensure that the dimensions of your cover material are an exact match! For such a seat, we would recommend a wipe-clean option such as a PVC material, which can be easily sourced online from fabric outlets. Should you wish to fasten your fabric underneath the seat, Velcro fastenings are a safe and easy option.

Should you require any assistance with your foam enquiries, please contact our friendly team.