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Closed Cell Foam: Best Material for Gym Flooring

Closed cell foam is a rigid foam material with good flexibility and strength. Although the cells in this foam type are not connected, they are arranged very tightly. Gas bubbles are created when the closed cell foam expands and cures during the manufacturing process. Closed cell foam is often used for packaging, construction materials, electronics, and insulation applications.

Closed cell foam is an excellent choice for gym flooring material for many reasons, we have listed some below:

4 Key Reasons for selecting Closed Cell Foam Gym Flooring:

Good Structural Strength: gyms have heavy equipment that can easily damage tile flooring or badly scratch wood flooring. Bulky treadmills and heavy dumbbells may damage most flooring types. Gym customers frequently do many floor exercises which makes it even more important to use a strong flooring material.

Good Thermal Efficiency: people still go to gyms during winter and Closed cell foam for flooring can help to keep these places warm by providing excellent thermal efficiency. This should make gyms more comfortable for customers and staff. In many business properties, cold floors during winter are a constant problem, increasing the costs of heating.

Noise Reduction: in multi-story gyms, noises can be a problem. If there’s an area for aerobic exercises on the upper floor, the thumping noise of music and feet can be significantly reduced with closed cell foam flooring.

No Mildew and Mould Growth: because closed cell foam blocks moisture really well, it can also prevent the growth of mildew and mould. The constant presence of microscopic spores inside gyms may cause unexplained symptoms of allergies or respiratory problems. If customers feel unwell, they could be reluctant to return.

To ensure customer safety, comfort, and convenience, consider adding closed cell foam flooring from EasyFoam in your gym or fitness centre today.

To learn more about the benefits of closed cell foam flooring for gyms contact EasyFoam today and speak with an closed-cell foam expert who can answer any questions you might have.

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