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Foam for Unique AirBnbs or Guest Accommodation

With 2021 launching the popularity of the great British staycation, short term holiday rentals are now all the craze, with many of us opting for them rather than seeking the sunshine abroad. That said, many of us are taking it as a great opportunity to swap the conventional hotel for a truly unique and unusual stay.

From treehouses and shepherd huts to tiny homes and glamping tents, all provide a unique experience. Despite their usual selling points, those in charge of such holiday lets should do all they can to ensure guests' comfort. Ultimately these facilities are still being booked with comfort in mind - one may be staying in a log cabin, but comfort is right at the top of the agenda!

Foam can be used as a high-quality, low cost, and easily customisable material to ensure a guest's stay is as best it can be. For 'outdoor' accommodation like treehouses, hosts must keep in mind that any soft furnishings will likely be subject to dampness and the elements at times. For this reason, foams such as polyethylene closed-cell foam can be used in kneeling pads and floor cushions and provide adequate heat insulation should the treehouse be 'closed off' with a front door. Polyethylene closed-cell foam is resistant to mildew and rot, is wear and tear-resistant, and is incredibly lightweight.

In any guest accommodation, hygiene is key, and it's for this reason that EFP30 polyethylene foam is an excellent material to use for outdoor cushions, seats, and more. It is easy to clean with a cloth and has brilliant antibacterial properties. Likewise, its medium-high density properties mean it provides excellent comfort with its overall density and durability, which is vital to ensure guests' comfort on a long-term basis.

Foam also offers the perfect sleeping solution, and there are a great range of foams that create supportive and comfortable mattresses. Given the uniqueness of some Airbnb homes, all foams from Easyfoam - including mattresses - are available cut to size and to exact personal requirements. After all, custom spaces need custom comfort and sleep solutions! Mattresses can comprise of a single foam, such as a medium-high density polyurethane foam about five to six inches thick. Alternatively, a high-density polyurethane foam mattress can be topped with a memory foam element approximately two or more inches thick for a more luxurious feel. All mattress options are entirely customisable when ordered via Easyfoam.

Heat insulation is another consideration for unique AirBnb accommodation such as shepherd huts, tiny homes, and other cabins. To make these areas habitable all year round in the UK, foam insulation is a necessity. Zotefoam Plastazote superior closed-cell foam is excellent for use as both floor and wall insulation as it is an excellent thermal insulator. It is also weatherproof and durable.

Please contact our team today for any personal guidance on how foam can be used in your Airbnb or other unique guest accommodation.