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Foams used for Boats

Who doesn’t love to go sailing? Alone or with loved ones, it makes for a truly exciting adventure. When you’re out on the open water, you want to be comfortable, and traditional boat furniture doesn’t always provide you with this. So, how do you rectify it?

Well, the good news is that there is always foam on hand to help you make the most of what you have. Comfortable and versatile, it really is the way to go for a better boating experience. But which foam to use, and where can you use it?

Is spray-foam the way to go?


Many boat owners go straight for spray foam, but this isn’t always the best choice. However, the issue with spray foam is the fact that it often has a lumpy finish that is difficult to paint over or put wallpaper on - leading to an unattractive finish.  Your boat is a safe haven where you want to feel relaxed and enjoy the waters - an interior that’s messy and poorly finished will only detract from that. Additionally, spray foam does not guarantee equal levels of insulation throughout the interior.

Closed Cell Foam for Boats

This is a great option for insulating the hull and interior walls to protect from cold weather. It provides a smooth finish that is easier to decorate and cover, but also ensures equal levels of insulation no matter where in the boat it has been installed.

Additionally, this form of foam is lighter than water, assisting with buoyancy and also providing better adhesion with the hull when it is used. Closed cell foam is also resistant to grease, mould & mildew, rot, and bacteria to add extra safety elements.

Furthermore, it has a flexible design that means it can be cut to size and slipped in tight gaps to provide more efficient insulation and protection from the elements. It can even be used for soundproofing, which makes it an exceptionally popular choice for those with houseboats.

Where to Use Foam on Boats

As previously mentioned, closed-cell foam and spray foam tend to be used for insulating the boat to keep you warm and comfortable on cold nights at sea or on the canals. However, the walls and hull aren’t the only places that foam can be used.  Mattresses and seats are also popular choices for foam installations, providing you with comfort throughout your journey. Memory foam is a fantastic option for mattresses as it provides you with support and comfort to ensure that you are less likely to wake up with joint pain.

Upholstery foams are also great for boat seating as they provide support while also ensuring maximum comfort not just on your first trip, but on all your boating trips to come. Upholstery foams are available in many grades from soft & springy to firm and resilient to suit your individual preferences. Your boat is sure to be more comfortable with the inclusion of foam in the seating, bedding, and insulation. Comfort leads to better experiencing and a trip that everyone will enjoy more. So, when the time comes to prep your boat for new sailing experiences, why not consider using foam to enhance its existing features?

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