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Foam for Cooler Boxes

Foam plays a crucial role in cooler boxes – both industrial and those for consumer use. Foam is an excellent insulator, and given its customisable properties, we can manufacture individual solutions to a range of specifications and needs. That said, foam can be found in cooler boxes specially made for the pharmaceutical industry and consumer-grade solutions such as food coolers and other picnic boxes.

Specialist cooler boxes – such as those found in medical and pharmaceutical settings - have a selection of qualities that enable the accurate control and monitoring of specific temperatures. These boxes are particularly useful when needing to maintain certain products' temperature for a longer time, such as medicines and vaccines, which is a critical factor. In most circumstances, closed-cell polyethylene foams such as 'EFP30' and 'Plastazote Superior' are used.

EFP30 is a popular option as it is resistant to any chemicals it may encounter (i.e. medications) and is resistant to bacteria. Furthermore, it is lightweight, durable and can also withstand temperatures ranging from -60c up to 90c, making it a versatile option for many cases. Alternatively, Plastazote foam may be considered as it is both rigid and flexible, defined by its uniquely shaped cell walls that ensure the material is firm yet light and resistant to liquids – both in terms of absorption and letting liquids through.

Plastazote foam is a safe and suitable option for medical uses that meets regulations for the storage of medicines and other non-hazardous chemicals. It can be both washed and disinfected when appropriate. It holds excellent chemical resistance to a range of liquids, including solvents and alkalis, and can recover from impact – vital for protecting essential medicines. That said, polyethylene foam, on the whole, is an excellent option for cooler boxes as it has low thermal conductivity. Likewise, it is noted as a space-saving insulator, which is useful for boxes that often come smaller in size for transportation reasons.

Cooler boxes are also incredibly useful for the general consumer. From picnics to additional 'refrigerated' storage, they come in a range of shapes and sizes and are available with hard and soft shells. Styrofoam sheets were once used as the norm for cool boxes; the development of newer, more efficient foams has since taken its place. Furthermore, it has now been found that Styrofoam commonly breaks down when in contact with hot foods and liquids and can therefore be harmful when in contact with food products.

As a suitable replacement for the standard cool box, You can order foam sheets cut to size. In fact, it is very easy to create your own cool box using a simple cardboard box lined with thin Plastazote foam sheets. Simply line your box, order cut to size foam in the required dimensions, and find an additional cardboard piece that can suitably seal the box's top. Do also ensure that you order a foam sheet for the inside of the lid box.

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