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Foam Products

Design your Pet Beds using Memory Foam, Shredded Foam or Polyurethane Foam

As a pet owner, you're always going to be on the lookout for cost-effective ways of treating them. Pets can be expensive if owners aren't careful with their health and the food and accessories that they purchase for them.

Foam is one of the best fillings available on the market for pet beds. Thicker types of foam can offer your pet somewhere comfortable to sit or lay down and is going to be much gentler on their delicate body than thin pet beds with no cushioning.

One of the best types of foam to use in a bed pet is open-cell polyurethane foam. This type of foam allows air to flow better through it and is also hypoallergenic. Polyurethane foam will also last much longer than other pet bed solutions.

Some pet bed designs use shredded foam as an inexpensive solution. These shredded foam beds aren't typically as longer-lasting, but they can make buying a pet bed relatively cheaper. For ultimate pet comfort, there's also memory foam. Because of the way memory foam contours around the weight pressed onto it, more support for your pet is offered. Memory foam would be ideal for older pets or those who have joint or muscle issues. You could even combine a firmer foam base with an added memory foam topper.

Purchasing your pet bed foam

Many craft specialist stores will carry a range of 'off the shelf' foam cushions. When buying foam like this, you may not be able to find the exact foam grade or size you want in-store, and it can be less cost-effective. Easyfoam will supply your foam cut to size, shape and thickness. This is an excellent idea for anyone wanting to design and make their own bespoke pet bed.

If you do decide to buy your dog or cat bed, rather than making it, you should do some research. Pet beds are often mass-produced, and just because a bed is expensive doesn't make it a good quality. Try to buy from independent companies or small businesses.

Creating a pet bed is a great option because it's so easy and fun to make. You would also have more control over the colour, shape, and style. Not to mention the type of foam that you choose to use! Once you have chosen and received your block of foam in the right size, you can cover it with a piece of suitable waterproof fabric. Adding a zip or other fastener will make it easier to wash the bed later, too.

For advice or guidance on choosing the most suitable foam for your pet, please contact our team.