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How to clean foam

Discover how to clean foam in our beginner's guide. It's not always evident which is the best approach to take with cleaning foam. After all, you may not have had to care for it before. But we've put together this guide to help you. In this day and age, there are increased risks of contamination from Covid and other viruses. Discover how to decrease that risk and keep your foam sanitised.

How to clean Memory Foam

Fortunately, memory foam gives you a head start when it comes to keeping it clean. Memory foam materials have unique properties that do not easily harbour allergens, bacteria, mould or dust mites. Being antimicrobial is one of the benefits of memory foam – so you won't need to do much to take care of it. When you want to clean it, you can start by sprinkling baking soda dust onto it. This will collect any moisture. Now vacuum it. Next, you can take half a bucket of warm soapy water. Add a cup of white vinegar to this and use a sponge to spot clean any stains. Vinegar has natural cleaning properties. Finally, give a light spraying of rubbing alcohol with a fine mister and leave the mattress to dry overnight. Be sure to squeeze out your sponge before using it as you don't want any excess liquid on the mattress, or it will take a very long time to dry. We recommend dabbing it dry with a clean towel after cleaning the areas you need to and spraying it.

How to clean Closed-Cell foam

Closed cell foam such as Plastazote is used in many sports and medical equipment. Plastazote is very easy to clean. Because it's a closed-cell foam, it will not allow liquid to enter it. Just as you would clean any plastic object, you can clean the plastazote foam with cleaning products. Again, we recommend using warm soapy water with vinegar and then spraying it with rubbing alcohol or at least 70% from a fine mister. Before attempting to clean with any blended solution, be sure to patch test it first so you can see what impact it has on the foam you are using.

Alternative options to cleaning foam

Some people decide that they don't want to clean foam if it's an open-celled foam. They opt to replace it with new foam. If this is your preference, you can make your order from our foam cut to size page or contact us, and our team will help you.

Products such as foam are used in various settings and keeping them clean is of paramount importance to many, even if they are hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial.

If you need any help with cleaning our foam or you'd like to replace your foam with something new, then get in touch.

How To Clean Foam Infographic