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How to re-upholster dining chairs

Dining chairs are one of those furniture pieces that are susceptible to wear and tear, which includes the seats and material covering them. If your dining chairs appear worn and rundown, it might be time to reupholster them so that they can regain their former glory.

We hear you; it sounds complicated, but what if we told you that it's a lot simpler than it looks? In this blog, we offer you a step by step guide to the reupholstering process so that you can bring your dining chairs to life with minimal stress and effort.

To reupholster your dining chairs, you will need the following:

  • Staple-removing tool
  • Heavy-duty staple gun
  • Replacement covering fabric
  • New bottoming fabric
  • Replacement seat foam pad
  • Scissors, screwdrivers, iron and ironing board

Step One: Remove the Screws and Staples Flip the chair over and examine the seat pad. It should have a frame that's secured by at least four screws. Use the screwdriver to take these out. Once this is done, you will find a series of staples holding the material under the frame. Use the staple remover to take these out.  You will find another layer of staples underneath that will need to be removed, and you must do this correctly to avoid damaging the chair. There can easily be 100 staples per chair, but once they are gone, you can remove the old fabric.

Step Two: Replace the Foam Pads  Remove the existing foam pads from the chair and then replace them with your newly cut to size pieces. We recommend approximately 4-5cm thickness of high-firm upholstery foam for dining chairs. The best way to secure the foam pads is with glue as this will keep them in place and ensure a fit that is both comfortable and secure. Make sure the glue is thoroughly dry before you go to the next step.

Step Three: New Fabric  Try to choose a new fabric that is a similar weight to the old one as this will help you fit everything back together with greater ease. Wash, dry, and iron your fabric so that you ensure it is straight and that if it shrinks it has already done so in the wash. Cut the fabric to size, ensuring it goes down to the frame, and hold taut so that you can staple it in place. Work slowly to ensure the material remains even and then staple the ends to the pad.

Step Four: Bottoming Fabric Cut the cloth accordingly and then staple over the seat bottom to conceal all the rough edges. You can also take this opportunity to spray the seat with stain repellent if you desire, which will help to protect the fabric.  Refit the seat pads with the screws from the beginning, and you are good to go with a dining chair that looks brand new and feels much more comfortable.

Not only does reupholstering yourself save you time, but it is also a cost-effective and fun project. The staples are the most time-consuming part of this process, and even then, it can be a pretty relaxing experience. So, save yourself some money and take on the upholstering process yourself. Upholstery DIY projects are becoming extremely popular in the UK, especially during this year where many people have spent more time at home.

Contact us today if you'd like to discuss reupholstering your dining chairs.

Reupholster dining chairs infographic