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3 Unique Ways to Use Leftover Foam

Leftover foam can be quite a pain to deal with, especially if you are unsure how to recycle it. When you have a pile of shredded foam left from your latest project, you might be wondering what on earth you can do with it. The good news is that there’s actually quite a lot.

In this guide, we’re here to help you make use of that leftover foam so that you can get creative and maybe make your home more comfortable. From toys to pet beds, the usefulness of shredded foam never seems to end. The best part? It’s so easy to utilise it that it will take you no time.

Making and Repairing Stuffed Toys

Shredded foam is an excellent material for creating new toys or repairing old ones. Foam can be incredibly soft, making it wonderful to hug and comfort to your children. It can even make a fantastic activity for a sleepover or birthday party - allowing all the children to go home with a new friend that they have spent time stuffing and decorating.

If toys have torn open or become damaged, you can use the shredded foam to replace any stuffing that has been lost. It gives them new life and helps them to last longer, allowing your child to enjoy the toys they love.

Creating a Comfortable Pet Bed

Our pets need and deserve somewhere comfortable to sleep, and shredded foam can be the perfect bedding to ensure this happens. All you need is a zippered cover that you can stuff with leftover shredded foam.

You will need quite a lot as you will want to ensure that the cover is well-stuffed to provide them with a cushioned spot to sleep, and as much comfort as possible. If it’s possible, try to pick something with raised sides so that your dog can burrow - it makes them feel safe and secure as part of their natural instincts.

Crafting Pillows and Bolsters

Shredded foam works wonder when used in throw pillows and bolstering for various rooms throughout your home. The living room, guest rooms, and bedrooms can all benefit from these wonderful additions. Making them is simple as well; all you need is the foam and liners of your choice. It gives you a lot of freedom with regards to the design, allowing you to create the look you always dreamed of. Not only that, they are very comfortable - adding a lovely aesthetic to the room as well as creating a space that anyone would want to relax in.

Leftover shredded foam doesn’t need to be thrown away. With so many great uses, you can create a comfortable space that you can relax in, making guests feel as though they are at home. Whether fixing toys or sprucing up the furniture, foam gives you the creativity to change your decor or create a totally new aesthetic you can be proud of.