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Meditation Foam Mats & Cushions

As we continue to have an increased interest and focus on our mental wellbeing and keeping active, meditation and mindfulness have come to centre stage. Once the subject of small in-person classes, new restrictions mean that many of us explore the potential of meditation at home and on our own in other private spaces. For that, meditation aids – particularly in the form of mats and cushions – are highly sought after.

Given the personal nature of meditation activities, we also see an increased desire for custom-tailored meditation spaces. This includes comfortable matted areas – either static or portable – placed in a dedicated space in the home. Meditation foam mats come exactly as described. These are typically larger than the standard yoga mat, although, with Easyfoam's handy online cut to size service, they are available in any desired size. These mats offer quality cushioning and help aid a consistent, safe and comfortable practice, particularly for those with sensitive knees and feet or other physical pains that may need to be considered.

Meditation mats are typically thin to help with their portability. You may wish to practice in the garden one day! For roll-up and portable mats, a high-density polyurethane foam sheet is a good option as its high density offers adequate support and comfort in mats as little as ½ inch thick. Should your practice frequently occur outside, you may opt for a closed-cell polyethylene mat that is both water-resistant and non-absorbent and can be available in a density just as high.

You may wish to consider installing a static meditation mat for meditation studios or other dedicated meditation spaces. Most commonly made from a high-density chip foam – an eco-friendly option made from reconstituted foam – a static meditation mat offers superior comfort and support. Some people may prefer a high-density polyurethane mat topped with a thin sheet of memory foam for a more luxurious option. By ordering your static mat with Easyfoam, you can customise it however you wish.

Likewise, the perfect complementary support for your new meditation mat comes in the form of a supportive meditation cushion. Available in a range of shapes and sizes, these can again be specified to your exact need. One of the most common types of meditation cushion is the Zafu pillow - a round cushion between 5 to 8 inches in height that helps lift and roll your hips forward and support the natural curve of the spine whilst sitting. Your knees will naturally gravitate towards the floor, making meditation more comfortable.

If your meditation practice involves a lot of work whilst being situated on your knees, a custom made Zabuton cushion is excellent support. As a square or rectangular cushion similar to a mini futon, these are often filled with cotton batting, although they do not provide the greatest support to the knees. Alternatively, a medium-density foam cushion can be custom made in its place, which is more supportive when used in conjunction with the Zafu pillow, commonly placed on top.

Whatever you need to make your meditation practice more comfortable and supportive, our friendly team of advisers are here to offer any advice should you require any assistance.