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Memory Foam Pillow Guide

If you’re not getting a good night’s sleep every night, it could be down to not using the right pillow. It may be time to make a change, and we recommend memory foam pillows. Many people suffer from backaches, neck problems, and shoulder muscle pulls due to using the wrong pillow. If it’s not the right height for you and you’re a side sleeper, you could be setting yourself up for all kinds of problems. Your head must have the support it needs.

Some pillows are just too flat, and others are too soft and fluffy. It’s essential there is a level of support to keep your head in the correct position. Let’s discover more about why memory foam pillows can make all the difference to the quality of your sleep.

What’s so great about memory foam pillows, you may be wondering? Well, to get started, they are made of polyurethane. NASA invented them for the ability to distribute pressure across the entire surface of a person. This material was recognised for its ability to help with extreme G forces such as those experienced by astronauts when travelling between space and the earth’s atmosphere. Doctors discovered how good memory foam is for helping medical patients who experienced the discomfort brought on by pressure sores.

Memory foam pillows is that they are sensitive to temperature but also recover rapidly, returning to their original shape. They provide marvellous support as they fit the contours of your head and neck. Using them typically results in your head staying in alignment with your spine, so you won’t feel the pain of being uneven nor have to contend with the long term issues.

What makes memory foam pillows better than other pillows?

Memory foam pillows are denser than other pillows, such as a feather pillow or fibre pillow. Because they are thicker, they are typically heavier, but they provide greater neck and shoulder support. You’ll also discover that as you move, the material will move, so even if you toss and turn at night, it will remain comfortable. However, you should expect that there may be a slight odour when you first receive your memory foam pillow, which won’t take long to fade.

What are the health benefits of using a memory foam pillow?

If you suffer from shoulder or neck pain, the memory foam could make a powerful difference. In addition, if you snore, you may find that the memory foam pillow can help your breathing passage be better aligned and, therefore, open. Allergy sufferers report getting a better night’s sleep as the pillow is naturally hypoallergenic.

Switching over to a memory foam pillow will provide you with shoulder and neck pain relief - relieve your neck and shoulder pain with proper support under your head. It gives you adequate support in all the right places, and you’ll benefit from a better posture. You can also say goodbye to a stiff neck.

You’ll notice that many of the memory pillows are designed with a contour. This is so your neck and shoulder get the support required to give you a good night’s sleep. Check out the size of the pillow to be sure that you get one that suits you. What you should expect is that you get a better night’s sleep. Even if it costs you a bit more than a regular pillow, it’s well worth the price.

Get in touch with us if you would like a memory foam pillow cut to size. Memory foam pillows are the perfect addition to a memory foam mattress too.