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How to create custom pallet furniture

It’s incredible what we can create with simple materials. Pallet furniture can create a beautiful and rustic look for any home, but it can also be exceedingly comfortable. Creating this look might not appear to be easy, but in actuality, it doesn’t take a great deal of time.

To make your pallet furniture comfortable, many people opt to use upholstery foam to create a cushioned area that makes it feel less like a pallet and more like a sofa or a bed. But how can you achieve this incredible aesthetic and level of comfort? Allow us to take you through it.

What Do You Need For Pallet Furniture?

Quite simply, the only materials you need are pallets, upholstery foam, and your chosen fabric to go over the foam cushions. All of these items are very easy to acquire, and you can often find pallets for free at hardware stores or recycling centres.

We provide an excellent range of upholstery foams cut to size and shape, to make life easier, all of which are incredibly comfortable and will leave you never wanting to get up from your pallet furniture. The outer fabric is widely available to purchase cut to size, or you can have a professional upholsterer cover it for you.

How to Use Upholstery Foam with Pallet Furniture This part of the process is straightforward and can be laid out in just a couple of easy steps. All you need is the items from the previous section to get started.

#1 Gather Your Pallets.

Get your pallets together and stack them in your desired manner so that they are ready to be used as furniture. It would be best if you glued or nailed them together to ensure that they remain sturdy. One pallet should also be cut and used as a backrest for chairs or a headboard for a bed.

#2 Cut the Foam.

You can either cut a foam sheet to size yourself or have it cut for you using our simple cut to size tool. The latter of these is recommended as a professional is skilled in the task - saving you money on recuts and even more foam.

#3 Upholster the Foam.

Once you have your foam cushions, it’s time to get the upholstery on it. Add your desired material and make sure it looks the way you want it to. Once this is done, you can place your cushions on the pallets. We don’t recommend securing these, leave them free as it makes it a lot easier to clean them and maintain your furniture set.

Is Upholstery Foam Comfortable?

Yes, upholstery foam is incredibly comfortable. It provides a relaxing space to unwind, and you can choose different densities of foam depending on your needs and preferences. For example, some like to use memory foam for their pallet furniture as it contours to the shape of your body. It can be more comfortable for some than a standard sofa cushion or mattress.

Creating your own custom pallet furniture is simple and sure to leave an impression on your home. Making it comfortable is even easier with upholstery foam, allowing you and your guests to enjoy a relaxing evening in together. You’d never guess you’re sitting on pallets when you have the right foam cushions.

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