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Uses for Pre Cubed Foam

Pre Cubed foam is made using a particular mould or steel-ruled die. This allows the foam to accommodate any equipment and part. Precise shapes can be made, and it's a fantastic solution for many packaging or storing purposes. Due to its durability and impact-absorbing properties, pre cubed foams can also be used for shipping fragile items.

Here are some common uses of pre cubed foams:

Camera Cases- camera cases with pre cubed foam can be purchased off the shelf. Camera manufacturers customise the foam to fit the shape of their equipment well. If the foam starts to wear out due to repeated use, it can be replaced very easily. However, manufacturers often improve the lifespan of the pre cubed foam by glueing layers together so that they keep their shape for much longer.

Shipping- many items such as electronics or glassware are delicate, and they can be prone to damage due to vibration and shock. Pre Cubed foam could provide the necessary cushioning for these parts. The base or bottom layer is usually thinner. It could be further supported with a denser foam option such as Ethafoam Pre Cubed foam, absorbing much of the shocks when the case is accidentally dropped or bumped against hard objects.

The upper layer of cubed foam provides stability and absorbs vibrations; this layer is made of pre-cut small foam cubes that are joined together. It is easy to remove small sections of the cubed foam to better match the shape of the items being inserted. The cubed foam provides more flexibility for users as they can be modified to fit almost any item.

Instrument Cases- instruments have very tight tolerances and must be protected against vibrations. Pre Cubed foam can protect a vast range of devices. Manufacturers and users can customise the case as needed. Because pre cubed foams are very reconfigurable, it is possible to use different foams for a single case. When transporting instruments, owners can choose the right pre-configured foams.

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Uses of Pre-cubed foam infographic