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6 ways to soundproof

Noise can be a big issue in any living space and soundproofing is typically the only way to solve it. Soundproofing methods should reduce loud noises from a home theatre, studio, bedroom, or office so it won’t disturb your neighbours or people in nearby rooms. Soundproofing foams can also reduce the level of many external noises from entering your house, ensuring a peaceful, relaxing experience for you and your family.

Let’s take a look at some effective ways to soundproof any room in your house:

Acoustic Tiles- acoustic foam tiles are easy to install. These tiles are built to last, so it is not necessary to replace them every few years. Acoustic foam tiles work well for soundproofing small- to medium-sized rooms, and they can be installed with any general adhesive product.

Acoustic Foam Rugs- dense ‘foam rugs’ are well-suited for soundproofing a room. The density of the rug prevents noise from passing through. These rugs boast excellent soundproofing. Thicker acoustic rugs can be quite expensive but have a higher performance rating, so it’s necessary to choose the right thickness depending on your budget and soundproofing goal.

Drywall- drywall is an affordable solution to soundproofing any room in your home. It is recommended to choose moisture- and mold-resistant drywall to ensure good longevity. Thicker drywall is better because it blocks noise more effectively.

Acoustic Caulk- acoustic caulk provides the finishing touch for your drywall. You can use a regular caulking gun to squeeze the caulk out. Sharp applicators help to accurately place the sealant. Acoustic caulk is designed to effectively prevent air from passing through. Sound is caused by vibrating air molecules and if air is blocked completely, unwanted noise will be blocked as well.

Acoustic Foam Panels- unlike other soundproofing materials, foam absorbs noise and it doesn’t block. This is ideal for improving the indoor audio quality and works well for a home entertainment room. Acoustic Foam panels are also used for music studios to prevent echoes.

Acoustic Foam Window Plugs- Acoustic foam window plugs are designed to complement other soundproofing solutions or to work alone in reducing the level of noise coming through your windows such as traffic or neighbours. These are cut to size and made to be removable so you can enjoy the light in the day and place them into the window frames at night, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep.

To learn more ways to create a soundproof room for your home studio, theatre, office, or bedroom, contact EasyFoam today and speak with an acoustic foam expert who can answer any questions you might have.

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