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Reconstituted Foam (Chipped Foam / Recon Foam / Crumb Foam)

Every once in a while, we come across a product that goes against what people thought was possible. In this case, it’s reconstituted foam. What’s unusual about it is that foam sounds like it’s not possible to recycle. As you’re going to find out, that is far from the truth. Reconstituted foam has got a lot going for it, which you will discover in this post.

You may have heard reconstituted foam referred to as chip foam or even crumb foam. You may have seen it in use on transportation or other public areas. This recycled foam is made up of offcuts and remnants of the durable and flexible polyurethane foam; it’s resilient and has a long lifespan. That’s not all, different weights are available for reconstituted foam. It can come in weights of 6lbs per cubic foot, 9 lbs per cubic foot and even 12lbs per cubic foot. The latter is a heavier and denser material suited to more challenging uses and demanding purposes.

The foam itself is typically made up of various colours and pieces to have a marbled effect. It’s put together by compressing, compacting and bonding pieces of polyurethane foam leftover from other projects and cuts. It’s available in any size or shape and can also be used with different types of foam to give it functions it may not otherwise have – such as greater comfort. We offer a broad range of solutions at great prices – whether you’re buying in bulk or want something small.

Where is reconstituted foam used?

Reconstituted foam is remarkably durable and long-lasting. Typically, you’ll find it in use in places where a resilient product is required, such as seating for buses, trucks, and also for pub seats, gym mats, kneeling pads and even crash mats and mattresses. All our customers love this foam because we can cut to size or use it in sheets.

Reconstituted foam is recycled and therefore cost-effective and eco-friendly. The environment always benefits from any product made of recycled materials rather than manufactured brand new. Something else that is a very positive outcome of recycling is the cost. It’s a product that is highly versatile and can be used for many different applications. As more people discover the benefits, it’s something that is picking up in popularity.

Where can you buy reconstituted foam?

You can buy reconstituted foam from EasyFoam. We will cut it to your required size and shape, or we can supply sheets. Please contact our team to find out more about reconstituted foam.