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Closed cell odd / custom shape

Polyethylene foam commonly known as closed cell foam is a very strong and resilient chemically cross linked foam.
It is rigid and perfectly suited for many industrial and commercial applications including Shock absorbing, Packaging, Buoyancy aids, Thermal insulation, Kneeling pads, as well as Acoustic sound proofing.

This grade of Polyethylyne foam is not fire retardant; if you need fire retardant please contact us.
For more information please see the closed cell foam page.

We can cut any curved shape of foam for you (the pattern shown below is just an example).
For a quote, fill in the thickness and largest length and width of your shape.
Prepare a FULL SIZE paper pattern from either newspaper or craft paper and send it to us. Tape multiple sheets together for larger patterns. Please send us the paper pattern (cloth patterns are also acceptable). Do not send us old cushions or old cushion cases for patterns.
If you are unsure about any aspect of measuring, please call our sales and customer support line freephone 0800-3345545 and we will be happy to help.
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