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FIRESEAL™ and Pyrosorb-S Class 0 Acoustic Foam Sheets

FIRESEAL™ and Pyrosorb-S are cellular acoustic foams which are class "0" accredited. Class 0 foam is flexible, non-irritant and self-adhesive making it a safe and easy to install product. It has been used in many prestigious projects throughout the world and has proven durability. It is also easy and safe to cut and shape. It readily accepts facings and acoustic barrier layers.
  • A safer alternative to conventionally used products.
  • Does not erode or migrate in air movement (up to 6,000 ft/min, 2,800Mt/min).
  • Easy and safe to handle, reducing labour costs.
  • Excellent sound absorption.
  • Fire resistant.
  • Non fibrous and therefore avoids the potential health hazards associated with fibrous products.
  • Open celled and flexible with a high density.
Class0 foam may be used in almost any application requiring absorption or containment of noise: Fireseal foam example
  • Acoustic wall panelling and enclosures
  • Air-conditioning equipment and duct systems
  • Automotive and Marine applications
  • Engine bay compartments
  • Generator rooms
  • M.O.D. vehicles
  • Prison mattresses
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We supply sheets in 2 x 1 metre and 1 x 1 metre in various thicknesses. They include self-adhesive backing for ease of installation. For other sizes, or cut to size, please contact us with your requirements. We also manufacture our own Class 0 foam tiles.
For further technical information and assistance please contact our customer support.

FIRESEAL™ Class 0 Acoustic Foam Sheets

FIRESEAL™ is a class "0" accredited cellular acoustic foam. Safe and easy to install.
Includes self-adhesive backing.

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Fireseal Class 0 Acoustic Foam Sheet

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FIRESEAL™ Frequently Asked Questions

Fireseal foam example
  • Is FIRESEAL™ open or closed celled foam? - It is an open celled foam. Open celled foams provide access for sound to penetrate the surface enabling sound absorption to take place.
  • What is Class "1"? Class 1 Spread of Flame. A surface Spread of Flame classification of Class 1-4 is achieved using the BS 476: part 7 method for the classification of the surface spread of flame of products. The test is a means of classifying the rate and speed of the spread of flame of a given product. The product is classed on a rating of 1-4, 1 being the best result.
  • What is Class "0"? Class 0 Fire Propagation. The Class 0 test requires the product to have already had a Class 1 spread of flame classification. This test, using the principles of BS 476: part 6: 1989, examines the contribution that the product would give to the growth of a fire. If the product achieves a Class 0 classification then its fire propagation rating is seen to be acceptable according to appropriate specifications.
  • Where can FIRESEAL™ be used? - It can be used in almost all acoustic applications.
  • What adhesives should be used? - There are three types of adhesive that are fully compatible with Class 0 foam. These are Neoprene, Acrylic and Polyurethane. Never use a synthetic butyl rubber based adhesive as this may plasticise and lose adhesion over a short period. You may wish to purchase FIRESEAL™ complete with a self-adhesive backing.
  • How long will FIRESEAL™ remain serviceable? - Providing FIRESEAL™ is used in applications where it is not subjected to continuous excessive heat (above 100 degrees Celsius), UV light or water there is no evidence to suggest a serviceable period of less than ten years.
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