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Caravan mattress foam

It’s easy to order a caravan mattress from Easyfoam. Whether you’re looking for a memory foam mattress or you’d prefer to go with a combination of foam layers for your caravan mattress, we can help you get the sleep you need when you’re on holiday.

Foam is our life, we’ve been supplying it to all manner of customers. Those who provide foam for other industries, individuals and crafters consider our foam as high quality but affordable. Many of the caravans of the UK use our foam, and that’s a fact that makes us proud.

Which foam should you use for your Caravan mattress?

If you’ve never bought foam for your caravan mattress, then we’ve got a few tips for you. Some of our customers prefer to go with the memory foam option. In contrast, others like the 4” high-density foam to sleep on.

However, we recently helped a client who wanted a blend of this. He asked for a 4” base with a memory foam topper. We think this would probably give the most comfort without being too soft and unsupportive. Something to think about, anyway. You can find memory foam toppers on our memory foam mattress page.

Placing Your Order for Foam for a Caravan Mattress

It’s easy to place an order with us here at Easyfoam. You can go to our foam cut to size page and enter the dimensions of what you’re looking for. Whilst you’re there, think about whether you want any bolster cushions or other cushions to make your caravan comfy and snug. Check out all the shapes we have, and you should find what you need. You can then just enter the measurements. If you can’t find the shape you require, then please contact us and we can help.

Our team have extensive experience with foam and know which foam is the best fit for any project. Whether it’s for your caravan mattress or for another type of motorhome/campervan, we can guide you. Spending fun days outdoors with family and friends will always set you up for a good night’s sleep. Exercise and fresh air are the way to feel tired, and when the evening time comes, and it’s time to snuggle down, you’ll find that falling asleep is easy.

If you need to know more about what options are available to you for buying foam for a caravan mattress, get in touch with us now for a chat. We’re here to help with stacks of knowledge on foam, which ones to use for caravans and how to get the best from it.