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Pallet furniture beds with foam

Shipping pallets are plentiful, and so are the furniture styles and models you can make with them. One of the great things about this idea is that it's not hard to find shipping pallets. Most stores receive these with every shipment they receive. You can call stores to ask if they have some you can take. Try to find ones that are well sanded and clean to make your job easier.

Smaller shops are probably more likely to be willing to give them to you. Larger stores are more likely to have procedures and policies that will create an obstacle. The store will be glad to dispose of them in some cases. You might also find them in pub gardens and other places.

Those who like sustainable living and minimal living are pushing us to make the best of pallets and use them to make pallet furniture. This is a great way to reuse, recycle and repurpose materials that are already in circulation. Not only that, it's a way to get creative and satisfy your love of building something new, exciting and useful.

Pallets are used to make all kinds of furnishings such as desks, beds, sofas, tables, cupboards and even wardrobes and headboards. If you inject some creativity into the project, there's bound to be many more pallet furniture ideas too. Imagine a coffee table, a garden planter or even a dogs bed. The possibilities are endless when it comes to recycling pallets into furnishings and add in foam cut to size for comfort, and you've got magic!

What makes pallets great to work with is their versatility and the fact that they are unfinished. You can finish them in any way you like. Of course, something that makes them far more comfortable is the addition of foam. If you're making beds, then you can add a memory foam mattress. On a sofa, high-density foams are perfect for comfort and durability.

An excellent idea for using pallets for beds is to make your own bunk beds for bedroom sharing siblings or a space saver for guests. You can decorate this just how you like it and add your unique personal flair and design taste to it. We sell foam mattresses that would be perfect in this as they can be custom cut to size and shape to suit your design.

If you don't use bunk beds, you can design and make a beautiful double bed from pallets with drawers for storage. Maybe even a built-in ottoman at the end where you can store sheets, extra pillows or your clothes. Again, you can customise this to align with your taste. There are some great ideas on the 'Wood Pallets Furniture' site.

Pallet Bed with Storage Options is probably our favourite pallet bed as it comes with options. You can decide whether you want bookshelves, or you're going to fill the space with drawers or a cupboard. It is up to you how you want to make the best of this pallet bed frame. It's perfect for a teenager or a student with all that space for books. Head over to the Wood Pallets Furniture site for the low-down on how to make this bed.

Reusing pallets is an environmentally friendly thing to do, and it gives you an excellent opportunity for being creative. Build one of these, and you can then just pop on a foam mattress, and you have a comfortable bed that will last you years.

Easyfoam can provide you with high-quality foam cut to size for the perfect addition to your pallet bed creations, all of which can be bespoke cut to shape and available in high density or softer density foams. Contact our team today to discuss your pallet bed foam requirements.